Our Representatives speak!

Our Representatives speak!

Yeah, that's right.

Tweedle Who? Just look at this:

The Democrats talk in one direction, and they look in that direction, and they point in that direction.

The Republicans talk in another direction, and they look in that other direction, and they point in that other direction.

But these two always end up being the same in what they do.

That's because they are siamese twins.

And just when was the last time you ever saw siamese twins walk in two different directions? It simply does not happen.

They are attached to each other forever. Any candidate ascribing to a "political party" is nothing more than a front-man for that political party which has more interest in itself then it does us. And when elected to office, that candidate will do what that political party tells them to do, regardless of their own election-time rhetoric of how that person will represent the will of the people. Nonsense! And if they try to act on their own, trouble is all they get. From both twins.

Try life without the hurtful adversities of "political parties," and see how much happier we will be.