Ronald J. Gardner (for all he's worth these days).


The Author, expressing, often in great silence, a Gratitude to his God for what little he really does know, aside from what other people think he knows, has been hastily scribbling indecipherable notes, creating multitudes of ignored info-files, writing several books and too many treatises for too many years with too little recompense and hardly read by anyone else. (Yet he readily admits, amidst his proverbial and as often literal poverty, having observed these prior and next consistent facts several times, that the exceedingly successful author is ultimately a most miserable being, oppressed by admirers and cheated by publishers, thus not long for the poorhouse; why leave it, only to return?).

Becoming aware, at Yahweh's good timing and planting, he was introduced, slowly as most people are, to the once-objectionable, later readily-accepted idea of the Caucasian peoples of today as being the descendants of the Old Testament Israelites in the Bible Lands; and from there, his study and learning, book-buying and internet searching commenced, ever-increasing, until late into the night hours (where he prefers to be, anyway, there being more ‘room’ for contemplative thought), eventually so he could talk to someone for hours on that very topic and hardly repeat himself. Not that he knows many others who would listen, of course, and certainly not listen for any such length of time, and few who would believe him. Knowledge may be power, but often over only oneself.

The Author also particularly enjoys encountering and correcting Error, particularly his own, towards which he laffs heartily, there being none other to do the first two, yet plenty, the third; and that of others, which places him upon the Test of his Sincerity, to correct them in a manner suitable if not also pleasing to his God, and to His Son, the Master Christian, as He is not-so-often addressed.

Nonetheless, to enlighten the minds of many more people than he would ever ((not)want to) meet, being those less-skilled who seek greater knowledge on topics they themselves are unable to presently acquire, the Author presents these few scribblings into a digitalized form and format, in support of that Claim. Considering the size of them, if they were "in print," each would make a good door-stop, and if all of them together, a great bonfire. This view of the fruits of his own labors is very useful, lest he had exhausted his potential with such servile ideoelect commonly found in so many other, similar websites.

And with all that said, and more, if space were available, he closes, propounding thusly. Therefore, please accept his warmest Respect & Believe him to be expressing his heartfelt sentiments of Esteem, for The Author has the honor of being, and remains... Your often Humble, and occasionally Obedient Servant (most of the time, anyway).