A Rogue's Gallery of Jewish Faces

A Rogues Gallery of Jewish Faces

     This ‘Rogues Gallery of Jewish Faces’ is intended to disabuse the Readers of this Gentle Cynic website of what seems to be a constant effort, by some one for some reason, in promoting a mis-direction of their thoughts into a malevolent view of a particular people, for the purpose of establishing or promulgating a particular reputation or accomplishing a particular act, and thus a obtaining from the Reader a particular result. And it is not always a good result.

     The worst means of understanding “who’s Who, who’s Whose, and who’s Jew” is to look upon the so-called (and occasionally rightly labeled) “hate literature” circulating about the planet, having been there for centuries, that displays “the Jew” as some ugly, short, pudgy little runt of the litter of mankind; a fat man, rotund (let’s be generous),  with heavy jowls, yet well dressed or in tatters; sometimes with a humiliating grin on his face; usually a huge “hooked” nose (the detective, mystery, and fiction writers dilute it as “aquiline,” i.e., ‘curved down, like an eagle’s beak’); and thick lips almost of a africanus negro; sometimes bald of head hair or wearing a bowler hat; and as often, clothed in a style of early Eastern European Jewry; and that sort of image. Certainly not flattering, and while sometimes true, not always so.

     This described image is not entirely wrong, for such Jews do exist, more or less in this manner; but in the main, as often a result of wilful miscegenation, this is not representative of what a “Jew” looks like today. And for that reason, many non-Jews generally and White, Caucasian, “Israelite” people particularly find themselves awash in actual ignorance of what a “Jew” really looks like, especially when standing amidst a people who really are Jews, and yet are not perceived by non-Jews as being “Jews” as portrayed in “literature.” This can and does get the non-Jew, particularly the awakened Caucasian Israelite, into more trouble than they know.

     Therefore the purpose of this webpage is to offer some, though not all, of the known “images” of modern-day Jews as they appear in their varied facial content, to better enlighten non-Jews of what their “adversaries and enemies” look like.

     Some of these people presented here are in the “public sector,” known by many people as who and what they are; and, having put themselves into the public arena, they admit directly or not that their image can be reproduced for purposes of identifying them, again, for who and what they are. While a brief commentary may be found, no slanderous statements accompany these images, partly because it interferes with the “Rogue’s Gallery’s” purposes, and partly because there is enough of that slander or truth available elsewhere, and need not be offered here.

     Other images displayed here are un-named and as often unknown Jews, whose image appeared in various public places or “printed” or “online” materials, yet by their presence admittedly doing so as a Jew. For these un-named ones, no adversity could come upon them because of the use of their image here, since no one knows who they are, not even your Presenter. The “sources” for these images is largely unknown, found on the Internet and published places, gathered over years and such details lost to the piles of scribbles introduced to the shredders.

     Here, then, is a comparatively short display of a Rogue’s Gallery of “who’s who among Jewry” — and the rich and famous are not all that we find.