Mosby & his Raiders

Mosby & his Raiders

He's in there, somewhere. John Singleton Mosby (December 6, 1833 - May 30, 1916), also known as the "Gray Ghost," was a Confederate cavalry battalion commander during the War Between the States (sometimes called "the War of Northern Aggression"). He commanded the 43rd Battalion, 1st Virginia Cavalry, known as "Mosby's Raiders," and noted for their lightning-quick raids, partisan or 'ranger'-like tactics, and his special ability was to successfully elude his Union Army pursuers, and disappear with his men, blending in with local farmers and townspeople.

Then call us Rebels, if you will,

We glory in the name;

For bending under unjust laws,

And swearing faith to an unjust cause,

We count [these] as greater shame."

-----Richmond Daily Dispatch, May 12, 1862

Now y'all git on ova to: and hollar at Jerel, there, hear?