The Jewish "Stairway to Heaven"(?)

The Jewish "Stairway to Heaven"(?)

Source: David Irving, Focal Point, Action Report NewsLetter of July 10, 2010, Page 2,

It certainly looks as if this were true.

This sculpture "Stairways to Heaven," by Spanish artist Eugenio Merino, sells (or was sold) for $60,000 at Madrid Art Fair. One might wonder how much a bucket of Jewish feces and urine, with a "Christian cross" stuck into it, maybe upside-down? (or a Islamic crescent?), would sell for? And who would buy it -- and display it, and where?


"This I know, I had rather have God for my banker than all the Rothschilds." Charles Haddon (C.H.) Spurgeon (1834-1892), "a British Particular Baptist preacher, who remains highly influential among Christians", in his "Morning and Evening," for "February 28 AM," under "My expectation is from him." Psalms 62:5, para. 1. (in Biblesoft's PC Study Bible Ver. 5.0f)