Who will help our own people in need? Foreigners?

Who will help our own people in need? Foreigners?

The Lake Delhi Dam on the Maquoketa River in eastern Iowa had at this time a 200 foot wide break, and water flooded out surrounding areas. And that was only about one-third to one-half of the entire dam. If the dam totally fails, far worse will happen.

Here, water had poured over the dam, and in its headlong and powerful rush downstream, the water is seen rapidly flowing in and then out of the windows of this historic building in downtown Independence, Iowa, as recorded on Friday, July 23rd, 2010.

This is probably the Wapsipinicon Feed Mill with its nearby dam, which became operational in 1854; it is 156 years old. The five story structure is, or soon "was," 122 feet long by 62 feet wide and was used at first as a flouring mill. As wheat production slowed down, it became more economical to produce “Wapsi” brand poultry and stock feed. With windows like these, what would remain inside of any use today?

As with the Haiti "earthquakes" in 2009, when Jorge Bush-leager and Bill Clip'em-ton and O'Bonzo all went immediately rushing down there to help, help, and and spend, spend, and then help and spend again, who will come to the instant aid of these White American people in Iowa, during their hour of flooding needs?

Who, you ask. As the Federal Government did for Iowans duriing The Great Flood in May and June of 2008? And here again, in July of 2010? The Feds did Nothing At All. Their "sympathy" is to foreign people and their allegiance is to foreign powers. Should we expect anything more from them today?