Whites: Get Out. This is are land. Sez La Raza.

Whites: Get Out. This is are land. Sez La Raza.

La Raza means, essentially, "the race." While Hispanics condemn White people as "racists," simply because the Whites were at one time a majority, they are as much or more racist than Whites, in their open and concealed combination of their own kind, when acting against another kind.

The La Raza ideal is the retaking, by "peaceful" migration, of the West of America, a land which they describe as "Aztl'an," or Land of the Aztecs. This is an errneous conclusion, and easily proven. Aztecs never obtained any rule over the geographical areas now claimed a the South West of the USA.

In fact, a close examination of the true past of the Aztecs will reveal their social, religious, and other cultural practices were a close patter to that of the Old Testament Canaanites, with their child / infant sacrifices, lascivious sexual behaviors, manipulation of the circumstances among other peoples amongst them, to the Aztec advantage, etc. They were so hated by the people of Central Mexico and the Yucatan, that the Aztecs were finally driven out of that area, and they settled as a nomadic peoples in the north of Mexico. It is unlikely that the multitudes of racially variant Hispanic people coming over our borders are descendants of these Aztecs, and thus have no claim to the land they seek to obtain.

Yet the millions of Hispanic peoples pouring over our borders, in such volume and force as would accompany an evangelistic movement, plainly indicates that these are not merely people seeking work; they are moving as conquorers of a land where its inhabitants are inclined to do nothing to stop them.

P.S.: the image is apparently spelled as the "Aztl'anians" want it to appear. Shall we hold them to their word?