No "GMO science" in the food supply!

No "GMO science" in the food supply!

It is time we started saying NO!" to companies that do their best to reduce us to their begging slaves, as they use food as a weapon.

"No science allowed!" "No GMO!"

What Monsanto* & biotech “scientists" don’t want you to know about GMOs is beyond imagination.

(*"Monsanto" has become a popular 'buzz-word' for all artificial creators of genetically modified seeds and its "frankenfood" produce. Even when Monsanto Company is not involved, most people, when making or sending complaints regarding their opposition to any GMO activity, they (innocently? ha!) use "Monsanto" as a generic term for anyone meddling in such sensitive affairs as manipulation of DNA, RNA, etc., when several other genetic engineering companies were equally guilty of such acts, and as often were the actual culprit, not Monsanto. Such is the "life" of a word, mis-applied, yet well-meant, and easily understood).

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