Several Dozen Scriptural Marks Which Identify True Israel






(Everything points to it —
Except the preachers in the pulpit)

As Fulfilled in Bible Prophecy,
Past & Present,
by the Irish, Scot, Celtic,
Anglo-Saxon, Germanic,
Scandinavian Peoples, &
their Kindred Relatives
Scattered about the Face
of the Earth today.


Assembled & Edited
from indications and facts derived from
The Holy Scriptures And Other Sources,
Including the late Col. Jack Mohr.
Copyright Ronald J. Gardner,
May 17th, A.D. 2004,
May 23rd, 2009

          Quite often, when a new idea arrives, it is rejected, more because people are not aware of it — and oddly enough are afraid of what they do not know, than because it is false, misstated, undesired, beyond their tenets, or a fraud.

          Eventually, by some small means, the idea is suddenly found valid and useful, often necessary. Once accepted, it is embraced as though it were true from the beginning, and woe unto them who thereafter challenge it. Here, we find set before ourselves a “new idea,” and a true one; many there be who once rejected it, and now have embraced it. Please join them.

          It is imperative that, as one of the “Christian” peoples, the Reader of this booklet should know and understand the following Scriptural identifications of the “true Israel” of The Holy Bible, even to the point of memorizing as many of these as possible. While not nearly complete, this listing will enable you to be prepared by Scripture to rightly, and quickly, Answer in a timely manner your countless Antagonists — some, but not all of them, being “anti-Christs,” others alleging themselves to be so-called “Judeo-Christians” and untold, unmentioned others, regarding your spiritual convictions and ancestral understandings of Who and What you are and from whence came your ancient-most Israelite Ancestors. How rare it is, to find among Christians someone who knows that true Origin; rarer still, those who know the Sacred Name of their God — an important matter, when praying for help and guidance. (See: Isa. 5:13, Hos. 4:6, held captive, destroyed, for the lack of knowledge; Prov. 29:18, no vision; Deut. 30:1-2, returned, restored).

          It is easily found in the Bible, and yet not often known, that the Israelites of the Old Testament “went into captivity” into not only Babylon but also Assyria; modern Judeo-Churchianity propounds only the Babylonian Captivity, which suites their Judeo-influence as it should. It is further easily found in the Bible, and yet not often known, that these captive Israelites later were freed, at the Hand of their God, Yahweh; and, according to most educated priests, pastors, preachers, clerics, and ecclesiastics, that an entire people, called “the lost tribes of Israel,” somehow simply disappeared off the face of the earth; millions of them!; and also, that with them went The Law and The Promises which “God” made to and only for those Old Testament Israelites and their direct, pure genetically seedline descendants. An accurate and correct Biblical and secular history study will prove both of these commonly held premises to be totally in error.

          It is also plainly discoverable in subsequent reliable non-Scriptural historical documents, yet rarely known — and therefore rarely taught — that the true Israel peoples of the Old Testament did not simply disappear.” This is what our Adversaries would have us all believe, to their great advantage. All secular history, ancient and modern, and anthropological, archeological, and other “reliable sources,” prove conclusively that about 500 years before the appearance of Jesus of Nazareth, to us named Jesus Christ, there was a mass migration of only one kind of racial people, known to have been previously held captive in Assyria and Babylon, and who traveled over the difficult passages over Caucasus Mountain range, between the Black and Caspian Seas, in what was then, and is now, believed to be the greatest migration of any one people in the history of the Old World.

          This mass of people were known to be from the Asian continent (correctly considered as the land area in today’s “Middle East,” not the misnomer “Asia” of the Far East, the Orient). These same peoples were later, in anthropological terms, called “Asians from the Caucasus.” These were the Israelites of the Old Testament. The names of each family of the twelve tribes, or houses, or nations, of Israel changed over the centuries, as many modern-day family names have; those ancient family names became know as Scythians, Khumri, Cimbri, Belgae, Teutons, Gauls, Celts, Gaels, and innumerable other names often unknown to, or denied by, Historians as being those same Israelites bearing different names. But eventually the whole body of Israel was assigned by anthropologists, et al., the name of “Cauc-Asians,” or Caucasians, one of the three basic racial peoples found on earth throughout all time (i.e., Caucasoid, White, Occidental; Negroid, Black, African; and Mongoloid, Yellow, Oriental).

          On that basis of undeniable, provable historical fact, if the Reader of this treatise knows who the Caucasian people are, so also he knows who the ancient, Old Testament Israelites were then and are today — the so-called White people, the Caucasians, found in North & Western Europe, Great Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Scandinavia, Australia, South Africa, and all across North America. The Tribes of Israel are not “lost.” They are with us today, and The Law put upon them and The Promises given them are also with those Israelites — and with us, today. Only an Adversary would have you believe differently. And who would have more reasons than that?

          Note also that the “inheritance” of Abraham to Isaac, and then to Jacob, was narrowly passed on to only their chosen descendants — to the Israelites of yesterday, and on to those of today, not to any and every one on the face of the earth.

          Here, you will find only a few of the many Biblically-based “marks” which identify “true Israel” — the Israel found in the Bible. Your study certainly will discover many more. Scriptural cites are from the New American Standard Bible (NASB), having been often compared with other Bible translations. You should possess and use many different Bibles, with varying texts, which are usually similar and yet often uniquely worded, for your enhanced edification. For that reason, restraint was made in quoting from the Scriptures, to encourage you to study each Bible citation for its accuracy and applicability.

          Who but the descendants of the Old Testament nations of true Israel can show a history that could fulfill every one of these “marks”? Not merely a few, or a handful, but every one? There is only one people who can do that.

          Are these Biblical Marks found on your people?

1.       The God of Israel shall be known as “Yahweh,”(1) the one true Living God of the Israelite people; the God of the Israelite’s forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob-Israel.(2) Gen. 14:19, 17:1, 28:13, 31:11-13, 46:3; Exo. 3:6,14, Exo. 6:3, Deut. 5:26, 14:2, 26:18; Joshua 3:10, 1st Sam 17:26, 2nd Sam.7:24, Ps.42:2, &etc.
 2.      Yahweh will be the God of Israel. Exo. 6:7, Ezek. 36:28, Hos. 2:23, Jer. 24:7, 30:22, 31:33, 32:38, Zech. 13:9, & etc.
 3.      Yahweh is the only king over all Israel. 1st Samuel Chp.8. And, regarding any or all of Israel’s rejecting Yahweh as “king” of all Israel, and the miseries attaching thereto, see also: Jer.17:21, 26, & etc.
 4.      Abraham’s descendants, the Israelites, were Chosen to be a great and mighty nation (i.e., America), and thru Israel, all the nations of the earth will be blessed. Gen. 18:18, Isa. 60:22, Deut. 7.6, Isa. 41:8, 49:7.
 5.      (Some of the) Israelites would be named after Isaac, and called Isaac’s sons, or Saxons. Gen.21:12.(3)
 6.      Jacob (Isaac’s son, Abraham’s grandson) was Chosen, above all others, to be Yahweh’s servant. Gen. 32:28, 35:10.5.
 7.      Yahweh will bless those that bless Israel, and curse those that curse Israel. Gen.12:2-3, 27:29, 35:11; Num. 24:9; Isa. 61:9.
 8.      Jacob-Israel’s descendants, the Israelites, (4)were to be spread abroad to the West (America), East (Australia), North (Canada, Scandinavia) and South (So.Africa, So. America) and gathered together again. Gen. 13:14-15, 28:14; Isa. 43:5-6, Zech. 10:8, Jer. 31:8, Hosea 1:11.
 9.      Israelites are to be exceedingly fruitful, and unable to be numbered. Gen. 13:14-15, 15:5, 22:17, 24:60, 26:4, 26:3-4,24, 28:3,14, 49:22, 35:10; Num. 23:10, Isa.10:22, Hos.1:10, Zech.10:8,26.3,4. (“as the stars,” “dust,” “sand”, means: “multiplied, many, plentiful”).
10.     The House of David (of Judah) (5) was to have a kingdom (throne) perpetually occupied by a king or queen of the Davidic family linage as their Tribe’s king. 2nd Sam. 7:13, 1st Chron. 22:10, Ps. 89:35-37, Jer. 33:17, Ezek. 37:24, 2nd Sam. 7:13. (But contrary to popular opinion, Davidic kings have no “divine right” to rule all Israel.) (6)
11.     Israel’s people are to be established in righteousness. Isa. 54:14, 45:25, 60:21.
12.     Israel was and is to be first among the nations, a holy people, above all nations, for praise and honor; a consecrated people. Gen. 27:29, Deut. 7:6,14:1-2, 15:6, 26:19, 28:1; Isa. 60:12.
13.     Israel was to be a kingdom of priests, a holy nation to the Lord. Ex. 19:6, Isa. 61:6, 66:21; also, Isa. 56:6. (The whole nation of Israel was and is to be ‘called,’ and to be priests; the entire nation was to be “the Church.” The whole people, good and bad, formed the Congregation, or, Assembly.)
14.     Israel is not to be similar to other, non-Israelite nations and peoples in the world; a distinctive nation, as the sons of God; a “peculiar people.” Deut. 14:1-2.
15.     Israel is to dwell alone (i.e., separate; not commingling among other peoples or non-Israelite nations, nor reckoned — judged — with them), and they are to live securely. Exo. 33:16, Lev. 20:24, Josh. 23:12-13, Num. 23:9, Deut. 7:3, 32:8, 33:28.
16.     Israel is to continue as a nation — a race of people — forever. 2nd Sam. 7:13, 16, 24, 29; 1st Chron. 17:22-27; but there are rare yet confirmed exceptions. Jer. 31:36-37, 46:28.
17.     Israel is to (temporarily) lose all trace of their past cultural and religious paths and ancestral lineage, and to be deaf and blind to their true identity as descendants of Old Testament Israel. Isa.42:16,18-19; Hosea 1:9-10; 2:6,17.
18.     Israel is to have a new home, in an appointed place, (i.e., in N.W. Europe, Great Britain and America), as an inheritance. 2nd Sam. 7:10, 1st Chron. 17:9, Jer. 3:18, 1st Chron. 17:9, given to them by Yahweh. Gen.12:7, 13:15, 15:18, 24:7; Exo.32.13; but not always, nor always forever: Jer. 31:36-37.
19.     There (in America), the Northern Kingdom of Israel will unite with the Southern Kingdom of Judah (7) as a “company, a multitude, of nations.”(8) Gen. 17:4-6, 16, 35:11, 48:19; Jer.3:18, & etc.
20.     Israel’s home would not be invadable, not to be disturbed by the wicked. Isa. 41:11-14, 54:14; 2nd Sam. 7:10.
21.     Yahweh undertakes to fight against all who fight against Israel. Isa. 41:11-14, 49:25-26, 52:12, Exo. 14:19, Isa. 58:8.
22.     Israel is to be pure, and be victorious in battle against their enemies. Deut. 23:14, 28:7.
23.     Israel is to be immune from defeat in war, and defended by Yahweh, their God. Lev. 24:4, 26:6-8, Isa. 54:17, Num. 24:8, Isa. 54:15-17, Zeph. 3:19, Deut. 32:35, Prov. 20:22, Ps. 27:14. See also, the penalty for “taking the law into one’s own hands.” Lev. 26:18.
24.     The Israelites will be successful in war (and other matters) only when obeying Yahweh. cf. Lev. 26:14-39, Deut. 28:15-68, 30:17-20; when not, they will be defeated. Deut. 25:15, 25.
25.     Israel is to possess the gates of their enemies. Gen. 22:17, 24:60.
26.     Among all Israelites, the Judahites are to be like a “lion.” Gen. 49:9; Num. 23:24, 25:9. (Yet in the Bible, a lion is often an adversary).
27.     Israel is to have control of the seas, and to be a great naval and maritime power, Num. 24:7, Ps. 72:8, 89:25; and a great military power, a battle axe and weapons of war for Yahweh’s purposes. Jer. 51:20.
28.     Israel shall obtain the abundance and treasures of seas and sands. Deut. 33:19; Isa. 60:5.
29.     Israel is to have a land of great mineral wealth. Gen. 27:28, Deut. 8:9, 33:15-19.
30.     Israel is to have a land of great agricultural wealth Gen. 27:28; and will have food without scarcity. Deut. 8:7-9, 33:13,14,28; but with reasonable “conditions.” Deut. 8:6; Dan. 9:11.
31.     Israel is to become wealthy by trading. Isa. 60:11-12.
32.     Israel is to be feared (respected, honored) by other nations and peoples. Gen. 27:29; Isa. 60:12,14; Mic. 7:16-17.
33.     Israelites shall have The Law ‘written upon their hearts,’ Jer. 31:33; Ps. 40:8, while The Adversaries of Israel and others are not so burdened. (This we have not done, for the lack of knowledge).
34.     Yahweh made a covenant with Israel’s ancestors. Gen. 15:18, Gen. Chp.17, Exo. 34:10,27; Lev. 24:8, etc, and then another, later. Jer. 31:33,32:40, Ezek. 37:26, etc. (No other god in a “bible”-styled religious book of any other peoples does this).
35.     Israelites are to be called “the sons of God, sons of Yahweh.” Hos. 1:10-11.
36.     Israel shall be Yahweh’s people. Isa. 43:1,21; Jer. 31:33; and over 200 other similar references are found in a Bible concordance under “my people.”
37.     Israel is to have great colonies, and spread abroad. Deut. 32:8,33:17, Isa. 26:15, 27:6.
38.     Israel should lend to other nations, and borrow from none. Deut. 15:6, 28:12.
39.     Israel is to reign over many nations but to be ruled over by none. Deut. 15:6.
40.     The heathen are to diminish before Israel. Isa.60:12, but only when Israel walks in The Way with their true God.
41.     Israel is to have all the land they needed, more or less, according to their population. Num. 26:53; Deut. 32:8, Ezek. Chp. 48.
42.     Israel is to possess the land from the [River] Euphrates to the uttermost sea. Deut. 11:24; Joshua 1:4.
43.     Israelites are to be a people saved, not by their own hand, but by their God, Yahweh. Exo. 14:30; Num. 10:9; Deut. 33:29; 1st Sam. 14:23; Isa. 41:8-14.
44.     Israel will have all sickness removed, when obeying Yahweh. Exo. 23:25, Deut. 7:15. ; and afflicted, when not. Deut. 28:61, 1st Kings 8:37-38, Ps. 30:2.
45.     Some Israelites would live on islands (the Isles) and on coasts of the earth. Num. 34:12; Josh. 18:5,20; Isa. 41:1; 49:1; 51:5; Jer. 31:10-KJV.
46.     Israel was to have a new language. Isa. 28:11.(9)
47.     Israel was to have a new name, which Yahweh shall designate. Isa.62:2, 65:15. (i.e., America? Great Britain? Ireland?, etc.).
48.     Israel was to have a “new Covenant,” but not a new religion, upon their hearts. Jer. 31:33,34; Matt 10:5,6, 15:24.26; Luke 1:77, 2:32; John 11:49-52. (but not to be “Judeo-Christianity”).
49.     Israel will forgiven their sins & iniquities. Jer. 31:34, etc.
50.     Israel is to be hidden, concealed, protected by, but not from, Yahweh. Isa. 49:2, 51:16; Dan. 2:22, Zeph. 2:3, Hos. 5:3.
51.     Israelites were to keep the correct Sabbath forever. Exo. 31:13,16,17; Isa. 58:13,14. (Yet they have not done this).
52.     Israel was to have the heritage of (or, inherit) the nations. Exo. 6:8; Ps. 61:5,111:6; 127:3. Isa. 54:2-3, 58:14.
53.     Israelites are to be a people glorying in, and declaring the praise of, Yahweh, the Holy One of Israel. Isa. 25:9; 41:16; 42:12; 43:21.
54.     Only Israel was to be custodian of the Statutes, Ordinances, and oracles of Yahweh. Deut. 33:3; Mal. 4:4; Isa. 59:21, Ps. 147:19,20. He trusts us to do it.
55.     Israel was to be a missionary people, and carry The Scriptures to all the world, as Yahweh’s chosen witnesses. Isa. 43:10,12.
56.     Israel was and is to be Yahweh’s heritage, formed by Him, for Him, for ever. Exo. 19:5-6, Deut. 4:20, 7:6, 14:2, 26:18; 2nd Sam. 7:23,24; 1st Kings 8:51,53, Isa. 43:21, 54:5, 62:12; Hos. 2:19,23, Joel 2:27, Micah 7:14.
57.     Israel was to be kind to the poor. Lev. 25:25,35; Deut. 15:7,11; Isa. 58:7.
58.     Israel is to be a reproach for all their sins among all the other nations, and an example to all peoples on earth. Ps. 44:13, 16; Jer. 24:9, Ezek. 5:15, 22:4.
59.     Israel (the Northern Kingdom, Ephraim) is described as often being in error; being “proud, drunken.” Isa. 28:1-7. (Yet Judah — the Southern kingdom — is not without reproach, either).
60.     Some of Israel would have the name “Covenant” as a national name. “Brit” is the Israelite-Hebrew word for “Covenant.” The Isle of “Britain” — and later, America — is the Covenant land.
61.     The God of Israel has made and keeps a covenant with Israel, for specific divine purposes. (This Covenant is mentioned in over 300 places in The Bible).
62.     Israel’s spiritual leaders, teachers, pastors, and “shepherds” were to be blind, selfish, unreliable. 2nd Chron. 27:16, Jer. 10:23,23:1, Ezek. 22:25, 34:1-8; Zech. 11:16.
63.     Israel was to colonize the desolate places (heritages) of the earth (i.e., developing land previously thought useless: prairies, deserts, etc.). Gen. 27:29, Isa. 49:8.
64      Israel’s “portion” of the earth’s land is not the equal to other nations or peoples on earth. Gen. 26:4, Deut. 32:9, Ps.16:5, Isa. 61:7, Jer. 10:16, 51:19, Ezek. Chp.48.
65.     Israel is to possess the land forever — if they obey Yahweh’s will. Exo. 32:13, Isa. 60:21, Ps. 37:11, Isa. 57:13, 61:7.
66.     Other nations shall be ruled by Israel, or perish. Isa. 60:12.
67.     Israel’s descendants are to be known and honored among the gentile nations. Isa. 61:6,9.
68.     Israel is to obtain and possess God’s Holy Spirit as well as His Word. Isa. 32:15,44:3, 59:21, Ezek. 39:29, Haggai 2:5, Joel 2:28.
69.     Israel is to be “His people,” and His inheritance. Joel 3:2.
70.     Israel was to be gentle and magnanimous in victory. 1st Kings 20:31, Prov. 11:17.
71.     All the world’s families, not only Israelites, are to be blessed because of Israel obeying Yahweh’s will. Gen 12:3, 22:18, 26:4, 28:14.
72.     The God of Israel shall be known as being greater than any and all other gods; even Israel’s enemies themselves judge this to be true. Deut. 32:31.
73.     Israel is to be called by “the name of the Lord,” Yahweh. Deut. 28:10, 2nd Chron. 7:14.
74.     Israel is to be Yahweh’s glory. Isa. 42:1,8,43:7, 46:13, 44:23, 60:1,2.
75.     Israel is the nation appointed to bring glory to God. Isa. 41:8-16, 43:10,21, 44:23, 49:3, 60:21.
76.     Israel is to remain in ignorance of their special relationship to Yahweh, until the great revealing of it comes. Ezek. 39:7, 22, 28.
77.     By Right of Possession and Succession, the House of Dan (not Judah) must have possession of the Stone [of Destiny] of Israel, now in Scotland. Origins, Gen. 28:11,18,22; cf. the Stone rightly applied, 2nd Kings 11:14;(10)

          These are only a few of the “marks” of true Israel of the Bible. How many more marks are there? When you find them, add them to this list and then use them as your sure Defense.

          If you can find a people, or a nation, or group of nations, existing today and which has most of these “marks” upon them, then you probably have found “true Israel”; if you cannot, you have not found it. Neither you nor your family — when rightly trained up in this same manner — should ever be instructed, convinced, nor intimidated into believing otherwise, no matter who it is that makes such aggressive suggestions contrary to this Eternal Truth. And those Aggressors are as often from your own “Church,” and more often from your own Family, so at first, be careful in how you speak of this revealed fact.

          The people of today calling themselves the so-called, and self-styled “Jews” do not match a single one no, not one, of these Scriptural marks of true Israel’s identity; nor do any other peoples on earth have even a few of these “marks.” Yet the White, Caucasian people in ancient Biblical days did have them then and afterwards, and each of the above marks can be ascribed to them. Everyone in those Old Testament Days recognized and admitted it, and their successors living today, while in all ignorance presently denying it — if they know it at all — will admit it again soon, but only when true Israel — the White people of today — are obedient to the Will of Yahweh, their One & Only, Mighty, True, and Living God.

          Therefore, these are undeniable and easily proven historical Biblical and Secular facts:

          a) Only the Caucasian peoples themselves are the existing Israelites of today;

          b) Only Yahweh is the “God” of those Israelites, and until it is Revealed to be Other than that, this is His Sacred Name; and,

          c) Among The Adversary of true Israel are those priests, pastors, preachers, clerics and ecclesiastics, who failed and continue to fail (willfully or otherwise) to teach us this simple to understand, Scripturally-based Israelite Truth. It can be easily stated that for that lack of Instruction, they do not want us to know that Truth. (For them, our sin and ignorance is their profit; our Righteous and Knowledge is their demise, and they know it).

          When told of these facts, specifically and plainly, few White people, and nearly none of these clergy, et al., will admit, upon their first or early subsequent introductions to this Truth, that we ourselves as White people — and none other — are the Chosen Ones, as “God’s Chosen People,” the Covenant descendants of the Israelites of the Old Testament living extant.

          As a result of this ignorance, failure to instruct, or rejection, few Caucasian people today know this next proven fact: Because of our declining birth rate, the future existence of our White race is closer to entirely perishing from the face of this planet than anyone could ever believe; this racial demise is not merely possible, it is probable: demographics prove without any doubt that with the birth of White one child, there are 5 or 6 White people dying. And at that rate, the White race most likely will not survive beyond the Year 2075, if that. If it is not to extinction, then we will be reduced to at least a near-extinction, and thereafter subjugated to overwhelming, oppressive tyranny of the majority, surviving — and suffering — “minority, colored” race, who have a God-inspired, “perfect hatred” for those who fail to take their proper Place as leaders of the world. Only our own denial or ignorance of Who we are and What we are and Why we are prevents us from seeing this.

          If we are to survive as a people, and as a race; if we are to be Restored to our proper Place as true Israel; and, more importantly, if true Righteousness is to prevail among ourselves and all around the earth, we as Israelites today must know of these Marks and address these Problems now. Knowing Who we are and What we are and Why we are is the first step to that greater Knowledge and then resolving that Problem. Literally, the future of an intelligent world depends upon what we do next. Hence, this little publication, to assist you in overcoming that lack of Knowledge which keeps us all in a bondage of ignorance; and to provide you with some Source from which, or from Whom, you may find solutions to these Problems.

          But before Restoration can be obtained, and before our Place can be assured, comes first our Repentance, and then Reformation, followed by that Restoration: Renounce we must, renounce we shall. That is much easier than most all modern-day “Judeo-Christian” priests, pastors, preachers, clerics, and ecclesiastical “orders” would have us believe; and yet also easier said than done. We shall commence.

          Consider again, if the Reader pleases to do so, the warning told to us, as His children, in Lev. 26:21. Read your Bible for yourself, and awaken.

Ronald J. Gardner
May, A.D. 2009


1  The correct name of the God of the Israelites is Yahweh (hwhy YHWH). The gods of other peoples have other names. Only true Israelites are approved to speak that Name; anti-Christs are not, and they know it. Except in occasional “marginal notes,” most Bible translators and publishers erroneously apply the generic name of “God” or Elohim, Lord, Lord God, Jehovah, Adonai, etc., all of which are incorrect and not a proper Name for Yahweh; such are only references to, or names of, the many pagan gods of other Old Testament, non-Israelite peoples.
   Also, the “I AM” phraseology of Exo. 3:14 and other verses that “name” our Israelite God are either a universal mistranslation or a willful deception. A more detailed word-study, particularly in Bible prefaces and as many religious encyclopedias and dictionaries as may be available, will prove this true. (cf. various Bible encyclopedias, under “Names of God,” and/or “God, names of,” and those several god-names, etc.). Know Your God! And Name Your God! Praying to a god not yours is to invite trouble. We should also remember that “Our God is for the strong ones; their gods are for the weak ones.” Our God answers our prayers; their god(s) do not answer their prayers, if they do, it is not as perfectly as our God does.

2  The man in the Holy Bible named Jacob was re-named “Isra’el” by Yahweh Himself, for divine purposes. (Gen. 32:28, 35:9). “Israel” means “He who fights with (or, for) God”, or, “He rules as (or, in the Name of) God.”

3 “Saxon” derives from “Isaac’s sons”; yet, “Anglo-Saxon” is of a Germanic origin. Not all Israelites are literally “Anglo-Saxons,” i.e., the English of today. Cf., the Irish & Scots & the Welsh — who are equally as “White” or “Caucasian” as the English; yet for centuries these unfortunate yet worthy, modernly distant Israelites among today’s Irish, Scots, and Welsh are not of the House of Judah (from whom the English allege their own origins), yet endured a most oppressive and destructive Anglo-Saxon tyranny for centuries, which the world seems to ignore or forget or dismiss. See n.6, below.

4 The 12 sons of Jacob-Israel carried with them the family name of “Israel.” Sons became Families, who became Tribes, then Houses and finally Nations. Often, Americans in particular associate “tribes” with the cruel savages called “Indians,” and so reject the “true Israel” message, for that prejudiced label.

5 “Judahites” are not “Jewish” nor was Jesus Christ a Jew. David is not a Jewish name. There is a continuing misunderstanding of the precise usage of words such as: Judah & Judea; Judahites & Jews; ancient true Israel & modern Jewish Israel. The “Star of David” might be that of any “David.” Knowing the names of the “players in the game” is important. (Cf. Num.24:17-19). Regardless of aggressive suggestions to the contrary, the Judahites of Old Testament Judah are not the “Jews” of New Testament Judea nor those of today, and the Jews admit this in their many publications; it is only we who fail to seek out those details.

6  The Anglo-Saxons of English royalty allege themselves to be derived from the “House of Judah,” and thereafter, “of David”; and yet the English never call themselves “Jews,” because they are not Jews. But when carefully read, these Bible cites show that the Davidic rule is to be over only the Judahite descendants living today, for example, in England, or wherever else those English may impose themselves without objection ¾ but not over all Israelites everywhere, nor over the Irish, Scot, Welsh, et al.

7  In Biblical history, 10 of the 12 nation-states of the united families called Israel rebelled against oppressive Davidic-Judahite kings (c.922 B.C.,1st Kings 12:19-20ff, 2nd Chron. 10:19ff). The Northern Kingdom under Jeroboam constituted “Israel” (the soon-to-be “Ten Lost Tribes.” Cf. James 1:1); Judah and Benjamin, as the remaining two, became the Southern Kingdom of “Judah” under Rehoboam. Study of these “marks” should consider this.

8  England, or Great Britain, being only four nations of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, is not a “multitude of nations”; it is, however, with its “commonwealth colonies,” mostly multitudes of ‘people of color’; in America, without any doubt or question, descendants of every tribe or family of old Israel have gathered, and these are a “multitude of nations,” and when racially faithful, they are Israelites.

9 The Bible, through which Yahweh speaks to all Israel (Caucasians) today, is in the English/American language, not the “modern” Jewish/Yiddish block-lettered so-called “Hebrew” language. Jewish writings admit that modern rabbis do not know how to correctly translate or interpret the Hebrew of the Old Testament. Consult the several Jewish encyclopedias and commentaries, particularly Maimonides.

10  The stone is called “lia fail” — Stone of Destiny — in the land called “Innis Fail” — the Island of Destiny — Ireland. Few Christian Israelites are aware of the significance of Jacob/Israel’s Stone of Destiny or the Pillow of Jacob (Gen. 28), which was for centuries set under the English royal coronation seat in Judahite / Anglo-Saxon England’s Westminster Abby in London. In A.D.1996, it was returned to Scotland, from whom they obtained it by force; yet it belongs rightly to the Danites of Ireland, as descendants of Jacob-Israel’s fifth-born son Dan, to whom the Biblical prophet Jeremiah gave it when he arrived there, escaping captivity after the capture of Zedekiah, the last king of the Southern Kingdom of Judah, in 583 B.C. Later, the Scot/Picts obtained it from Ireland either by stealth or they never returned it after the coronation of Fergus I, thereafter king of Ireland and Scotland, in A.D. 503. It does not belong in England.