This may take a while.

I took these images of my set of Tonka Trucks in early February, 2011, after a tremendous blizzard threw a huge amount of snow onto the entire city. Just before clearing off the sidewalk where I live. Snow was drifted quite deep in places around my home, and I decided to call in some help. One never knows when a small army of faithful workers and their trucks are needed at all hours of the day, so I took advantage of the opportunity.

I used my entire fleet to accomplish this, too; must have been twenty of them at least, maybe thirty, I'll have to count some time. The greater “collection” of photos, of which only a few are presented, I have named “This will take a while,” and rather properly titled, so it would seem. And at this rate, with these little helpers, snow removal may take days to be done with it all. There also will be Summer, and that may help.

The "explanation," if any is needed for the photos, is in the Image where the trucks are removing snow from one end of the sidewalk and dumping it at the other end. Not much accomplished, in the long run! But at least these are busy trucks. (Why there are no drivers seen in them, I don't know; these are "Tonkas," you know).

(There are a few duplicate images for now).

This may take a while.
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