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(Further below is "Articles." a gathering of Scriblings that have not yet found their proper Place. See also, "Reading > Parables," in this Gentle Cynic website, wherein is set forth a rather unusual interpretation of the Parables of The Master Chiristian, as few others would "understand" them).


A Brief Listing of Biblical Evidences of How the “Jews,” and Several Other  “Races” of People Extant, may Claim Racial, Genetic Descendance from the Greater Abrahamic-Israelite Family.

     Wherein is set forth a list describing about how many of our ancient-most Israelite ancestor's reckless sexual passions brought upon us most of the racial problems we endure today, providing opportunity for some non true-Israelite people to say: "Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are our fathers"; and while outcasts, yet they tell the truth.

A Brief Review of the “Fatal Errors” of Judah in Support of Denying Judah and his Descendants The Sceptre Right to Rule all-Israel

     A miserable account, entirely avoidable if righteousness was truly applied, on how the Biblical character Judah, ever-acclaimed the Superior to all true-Israel, had committed so many "sins" that he deserved to be denied the Patriarchal rights to govern all-Israel. The Book of Genesis would be entirely different, had Judah obeyed Yahweh and his father Jacob.

     (Irish, Scots, Welsh, and anyone else whose ancestors or themselves have suffered at the heavy hand of the Anglo-Saxon English tyrant, rejoice: "Judah-England," claiming their "divine right of kings," has been deposed, and in a mere moment England will be put down to their proper Place. You and your people are next in line to inherit, if you "read Scripture" correctly. With that Understanding, you shall then become "the Hammer of the Judahite-English." It will be The Day Of Yahweh for the Righteous, and The Sword Of The Lord, in their hands! Get ready for it).

The Virtues of Lying

     How lying to an anti-Christ, in the defense of Christ's Message, is a Virtuous Act.

How Many "Gods" are There in The Bible?

     Far more than the Reader may think. Hundreds, in fact.

The Son of the Right Hand & the Son of the Left Hand.

     From the days of Cain & Abel, Esau & Jacob, this duality of Good & Evil has been found. And, there has been found in the so-called "New World" many exemplars of an image representing the God of true Israel.



Somewhat Secular:


"If'n dis-'n don' see, dat-'n go fr'ee": Ruining the Fallacy of Abraham Lincoln's famous "Almanac & the Dark Moon" Murder Defense.

    A Short Comment upon the Alleged Skills of the great Attorney Abraham Lincoln, more clearly understood.

Darwinism Determines America's Future

     Wherein is described how an excessively low Caucasian race "birth rate," maintained for many decades, had essentially reduced the population of that Race to the point of becoming a "minority" in its own country, and thus has doomed that Race to an ultimate and unavoidable extinction, unless and until, upon the Awakening and the Repentance of that same Race, The Gracious and Forgiving Hand of their God intervenes in His good Time and Saves his favored Race of people, the Caucasian Israelites living in America, Europe, and elsewhere in the world extant. This is a very serious matter, and not to be ignored. We need Him more than He needs us. Reform we must? Reform we shall! -- or, die.

Darwinism Determines the "Sustainability" of the World's Future

     Wherein is described how the modern-day "Sustainability" movement (about conserving natural resources and populace co-operation), attaching itself to, or perhaps concurrent with, the "Global Warming / Climate Change" movement (being both constructive and destructive); and how the White Caucasian race is so doomed for the lack of a sufficient birth-rate; that regardless of what is done in the "environment" movement, the problem of "sustain-ability" and the dangers of failure will be resolved by the utter and complete absence of the Caucasian people's superior intellect and creative abilities in that technology which allegedly created the circumstances that in part caused this "environmental problem"; which in turn will necessarily require that: 1) the advanced technology extant created by the Caucasian intellect will soon fail as it always does; 2) the "underman" of lower intellect will not be able to repair nor replace such technology; and 3) this same "underman" will be compelled to fend for themselves in their primitive ancestral ways -- assuming they can remember those ways, and return to them. A sad story about a once great people, yet an "escape" for the Environmentalist Movement, doomed as much as are the Caucasians. Replete with a bibliography for the Reader's extended inquiry.

The Future Relationship of Mankind & God

Modern Science makes its pitch to The Almighty for the Independence and Self-Dependence of the Human Race, being so scientifically advanced as it claims to be, and does a fairly good job of it, until some dirt gets in the way. (See also in this Website's Image Library, an amusing character comparision, at: No "GMO science" in the food supply!)

"BCE & CE," et al., vs. "BC & AD"

How the subliminal forces of less than Good, ever with us, are using anagrams, abbreviations, and a deep bowl of thick alphabet soup, to slowly conceal from view and thus delete from our racial memory the great Blessings which true, primitive Christianity, and the Caucasian race, have bestowed upon humanity since the days of Adam, at the instance of Yahweh, the God for the peoples of true Israel, such peoples being that same Caucasian race today.





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