"Keyboard Commandos never get anything done."
But at least we try. We could as easily do nothing, instead.
Here, we find several Articles, Treatises, and other Scribblings, not relevant to that which is found in this Website's other Folders. These entries have been authored by either R.J. Gardner himself, for better or worse, or by others presently unacquainted with him. And for them, this is probably just as well; 'leave well enough alone.' (Remember 17 USC § 107).

A Gentle Cynic, Indulging in a General Fling at the Unceasing Production of Literature.

     Do not take books too seriously, and be careful before you decide to add another to the endless list.

An English Teacher's Sonnet

     Those who know, know they know; those who don't know, don't know they don't know they don't know.

The 23rd Channel: a Prayer for an Illiterate Person

     Hey! This could be you, so be careful: it's pronounced "Lit'-ret," right?

The Pillsbury Doughboy Died Today

     Set in two columns, so you can print and share with Friends & Family.

Words of Advice From Ancient Ireland

     Regarding the Value & Security of Wives, Sisters, Serfs, and of Women in general; and, the Wisdom of Men so Compromised

The True Nature & Causes of Snake Bites:

     How to Avoid Them, & How to Treat them Effectively.

Poetry & Prose of Little Sense-Non

     A few lines, here and there, to explain, somewhat; not much, or else one might Know It All.

Financial and Economic Advice you will not get anywhere else.

     The three most important, if not fundamental and foundational, influences upon "the economy."

How the Swiss described their desires for "multi-culturalism."

     Three political posters, distributed around Switzerland a few years ago, in response to the dramatic and uncontrollable increase in non-Caucasian racial peoples, particularly Muslim, who arrived into that country bringing with them their previous lifestyle of violence, rape, pillage, and all other manner of anti-social and criminal behavior to which they had become accustomed, revealing a consistent and co-ordinated acts which evidenced itself as being solely intended to tear at, and then destroy, the fabric of the well-settled and long-enjoyed Swiss culture and lifestyle; it represented a similar strategy throughout Europe. In America, only those known as "Nationalists" would have the courage to present such images in the defense of their people and culture.

Some Whites have a dream, too.

     Not that any of us would want to have this dream, of course; certainly not in public.

A rather antiquated Christmas Card few send anymore.

     Not that any of us would want to send this, of course; but maybe (to ourselves).

How Best to Communicate with Government Officials, Bureaucrats, Politicians, & (supposedly) Elected Public and Bureaucratic Office Holders(?)

     An amusing, anedotal contemplation on the effective methods of obtaining a more complete obedience from Government Officials and those we presume were/are properly elected Public Office Holders, found on Your Presenter's automobile during the last prez-de-den-shu'l 'lec'sion. Not that anyone would want to accomplish all of these innocent suggestions, but somebody might try it. One would do well to effect restraint, however. Choose carefully.

Napoleon's Russian Campaign: 440,000 go in, 10,000 return

An image showing the devastating effect of Napoleon’s futile attack upon Imperial Russia, “the best statistical graphic ever drawn,” showing how N. went into Russia with 422,000 soldiers, and came back with only about 10,000. “. . .one aspect of [Charles Joseph] Minard’s [1869] depiction of Napoleon’s ill-fated Russian campaign [of 1812-1813] that makes it so poignant is the placement of the river representing the 422,000 man in the attacking Armée de la République adjacent to the trickle of 10,00 men left to retreat... The story of the tragedy is clear... [Etienne-Jules] Marey [1830-1904, inventor of chronophotography and train timetable graphs] told how this graph ‘brought tears to the eyes of all France.’ No wonder; there were few families unaffected.”
(Howard Wainer, Principal Research Scientist, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, Jew Jersey, Visual Revelations: Graphical Tales of Fate and Deception from Napoleon Bonaparte to Ross Perot (Copernicus, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1997), Sect II., Graphical Triumphs, Chp. 7, Picturing An L.A. Bus Schedule, p. 85, Chart.; Sec. IV., Using Graphical Methods, Chp. 16, Visual Aids When Comparing An Apple To The Stars, p. 134; Sec. II., Chp. 4, Three Graphic Memorials, quoting Marey, 1885, and E.R. Tufts (1942–, Professor Emeritus of Statistics, Information Design, Interface Design and Political Economy, Yale University), 1980, p.40, at Wainer’s pp. 64-65).

The French were at that time a rather tall people in stature; modern Charles de Gaul (“Charles of the Gauls,” of France?) would be an example. The losses from this Russian campaign were so great that when French women went looking for husbands for bearing children, they had to settle for what was available, which were mostly non-Frenchmen of shorter stature; from that, the heighth of the "French" people was made shorter by at least 4 to 6 inches; the French are still rather short to this day. Maybe a little taller than N. himself?

What a true mastermind Napoleon must have been! More than can be imagined. He was a Corsican, from the French-oppressed island. Only someone who was hateful against another people could inflict such misery upon that other people, and manipulate the matter to where the perpetrator still to this day is considered by his victims' ancestors as a national Hero!

Really Cool, Old, Beer Trucks most of you never saw "in person".

Old Beer Trucks, large images, No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4; and also,

Old Beer Trucks, small images, equally great; for now, smaller sizes.

For those of us who may enjoy beer, or old trucks, or old beer trucks, or all three, this one is for you! . . . Well, these five, actually.

Here are 117 really old beer trucks, some of which Your Presenter, as it only co-incidently happens, remembers seeing in actual, if not also noisy, gear-grinding use, when in his very early youthful, little boy years, as many of these trucks themselves were in their mechanically later old-age, and soon demised. Too bad. Some of their designs were, and still are, classics, never seen again. But we can't keep everything. Can we? Right now, the large Old Beer Truck images download slowly, being est.1MB; the Smaller, at 400KB. For the small images, for now, reduce the size to about 125% and they appear better; replacing later. Watch for the one that says, amazingly enough: "Beer is the best temperance drink in the world." (What?!).