Look-a-Like White Doll Models, Page 2

Look-a-Like White Doll Models, Page 2

Life Mag Apr 3 1939 p 57

Although, these are not exactly the happiest faces on the planet, either.

In the articles, and including the advertisements, White, Caucasian men, women

and children were the overwhelming majority of "exemplars" in Life Magazine and

other publications, simply because White, Caucasian people were the overwhelming

majority among the citizenry of America. Today, c.2010, "people of color" are the

predominate "majority," both in actual population and in advertisements, a result of

the Caucasian people's diminishing populace, thereby yielding up their Place because

of a lack of superior numbers. Dolls in the present and future will no longer be White,

nor will the population be White, and such dolls will not be considered a "collectible"

item in antique stores. Nothing the Caucasian people have will be considered as having

any "value." Nothing.