We Remember Halley's Comet of 1910

     Personal remembrances of those who were there at the time; with relevant, timely newspaper accounts and images of the Occasion.

     These Images of the Occasion, relating to Halley's Comet of 1910, are also found in The Comet Book:

     1. "The Comet from the Times Tower: Clear Night Enables Miss Mary Proctor to Make a Close Study of It.” The New York Times, Saturday, May 7, 1910, p. 7.

     2. “Earth’s Passage Thru the Comet’s Tail.” The New York Times, Monday, May 16, 1910, p. 2.

     3. “The Comet’s Tail as seen from The Times Towers between 2:30 and 3:15 AM Yesterday.” The New York Times, Friday, May 20, 1910, p. 2.

     4. “Did the Earth Miss the Comet’s Tail by 197,000 miles?” The New York Times, Sat., May 21, 1910, p. 4.

     5. “Poor Mother Earth: A Study in Physiology.” The New York Times, Sunday, May 22, 1910, Picture Section, Part One, p. 16.

          First Image:      A Roaring Comet & Fearful Earth.

          Second Image: A Fearful Comet & Scowling Earth.


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