The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

Henry Ford. Sr., the founder of the automobile production line and The Ford Motor Company, discussed The Protocols in an interview published in The New York World, on February 17th, 1921, wherein he favorably put the case for the publication of The Protocols tersely and convincingly, by saying:

“The only statement I care to make about The Protocols is that they tie in with what is going on. They are sixteen years old, and they have fitted the world situation up to this time. They fit now.”

(See also: Henry Ford, The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem, Vols. I. thru IV., below)

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion -- Book 1 The Introduction

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion -- Book 2 The Annotated Text


This is one of the "Reliable Sources" referred to in this Work, often re-printed elsewhere. Other Sources relied upon here are either out-of-print, exceedingly rare, or are simply as often inaccessible, at the very least; therefore this particular publication is placed here for the Reader's convenience.

Henry Ford, The International Jew: The World's Foremost Problem 4 Volumes (The Dearborn Independent, Dearborn Michigan, A.D. 1920-22)

     Vol.   I. "The World's Foremost Problem" (November, 1920)

     Vol.  II."Jewish Activities in the United States" (April, 1921)

     Vol. III. "Jewish Influences in American Life" (November, 1921)

     Vol. IV. "Aspects of Jewish Power in the United States" (May, 1922)





Anthropological and Genetic Markers indicating

Palestinians and Jews are a Genetically Related Family.

     A group of serious genetic scientists discovered through their well-established and complex research methods that the modern-day "Jews" are blood brothers to the "Palestinians." And after peer and editorial review, they published their findings in a respectable medical journal, "Human Immunology," the Official Journal of the American Society for Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (Sept. 2001).

     Those calling themselves Jews soon raised a total uproar, and demanded the publisher retract the article, to apologize for publishing it, and then they went so far as to also demand the actual, physical removal of the article from that journal's print-version in all libraries and anywhere else this publication was to be found; and this, for a nation-wide journal.

     The pages now seen here include the publisher's prefatory pages, replete with "apologies," profuse as they were; yet the article remained as of the time the article was photocopied directly from the journal, as presented here, shortly after it was found in a major medical school's library. It is highly technical, and yet the average reader is capable of laboring through it enough to see the connection of the Palestinians and the Jews of today. It is not known if this article is found in that or any other print-edition of the Journal, as of April, 2010.


"Zionism from the Standpoint of its Jewish Victims"

     "Zionism claims to be a liberation movement for all Jews." Is it? In this article from a rarely found journal, "Social Text: Theory, Culture, Ideology" (Fall, 1988), a Jewish writer describes how, in the modern Jewish State of Israel, the ever-diminishing population of "Sephardi, Sephardim, Sephardic Jewry" (sometimes called "the Eastern Ones," as Arab or Oriental Jews deriving from Arab or Muslim countries), in their compelled inferior social place in Israel, are continually persecuted and discriminated against in every aspect of Jewish society, employment, government, professional fields, etc., by the superior place and higher numbers of the "Ashkenazim, Ashkenizic Jewry" (or, "European Jews"), as the Ashkenazim apply a unique and to the outside world a very secretive apartheid version of Zionist political and social construct, doing so simply because of the Sephardim's presumed lower or lesser racial origins.=

A Rogues Gallery of Jewish Faces

Miscellaneous "Jewish"-type Images Worthy of Note

     A cautionary text, first, for Readers who are not entirely free of "prejudice"; for it is such blinding influences that obstruct our view of The Adversary standing directly in fromt of us. Not all "Jews" are the "hooked-nosed" type, nor with thick lips and brow, etc., as may be seen in so many "anti-Jewish" drawings, cartoons, and other representations. Such replicated images by the ignorant or the willful do no one any service, and easily makes fools of those who use them. Here, we find a few images of modern-day, so-called "Jews," and some of these could easily be construed as "Caucasians." Learn to discern. And don't say anything about "the Jews" until you know who you are talking to. (Serious advice, please be assured)

     The next two topics directly below, "A Day in the Life of Jewish-Israel" and "Faces of the Media and Politics in our Modern-day...," present the photographic Images discussed in the "Rogue's Gallery" text document above. Some look like ordinary Caucasian people, others almost a realistic representation of the characterized cartoons. Study and learn.


Gallery No.1: A Day in the Life of Jewish-Israel

     These children could be (wrongly) construed as "Caucasians." Yet they look so much like us, that one may easily be mislead into believing "we are all alike; we are all the same, one big human family." Not so, and the more experienced at this will know it best.

Gallery No.2: Faces of the Media and Politics in our Modern-Day

"Multi-Cultural, Multi-Racial" America

     Photos found in publications in many public places, of people we never see, but who draw us into accepting the outright lascivious sexual conduct and senseless violence, and allowing good Christian Caucasian children to watch, unsupervised, the plethora of satanic demons subtly offered to them in "children's cartoons," permitting our children, in their later years, to "tolerate" the existence and practice of Satanism and Demon Worship; and to believe a mass of other enacted Unrighteousness, which these Jews know will irritate our God Yahweh into afflicting Us, not Them, for our watching it, and then imitating the stupidity displayed.

Der Gliftpliz: The Poisonous Mushroom

 By Julius Striecher, an early National Socialist and publisher of this book and many other pro-National Socialist, as well as anti-Jewish, publications.

 Trust No Fox on his Green Heath, and No Jew on his Oath

Perhaps also known as "A Picture Book for the Old and Young: Don't Trust the Fox in the Green Grass, nor a Jew When He Takes an Oath!" Trau keinem Fuchs auf grüner Heid und keinem Jud auf seinem Eid, by Elvira Bauer (1915- d.?), (Nuremberg: Stürmer Verlag, 1936). Elvira Bauer was an 18-year-old art student when she wrote one of three anti-Semitic children's books published by Julius Streicher at his Stürmer Publishing House, as short stories, usually in “fable” format, describing the heinous crimes that Jews commit on non-Jews, and how they are a rotten influence on the German society. (Another was Satan's Kinder (Children): A Book for Young and Old (193_); and possibly ____ (193_. See also, Der Giftpliz: The Mushroom, above on this same webpage). About 100,000 copies of Trust No Fox and No Jew were printed used in many German schools, and was one of the most popular children's novels of the Third Reich. The title comes from a phrase used by Martin Luther, whose timely anti-Jewish remarks the National Socialists were happy to use, not because such statements were some useful anti-Jewish tool, but because they were, true hundreds of years ago in Luther’s time, true 80 years ago in Bauer’s time, and true to this day in our time, and true every day from now into the future. For his part, Steicher, never a combatant or directly proven in any responsible capacity, was accused of “war crimes” and hanged at Nuremberg. (It may be noted that in the last decade, the “Lutheran Church” has denounced their patriarchal founder for his views about Jewry.)

"Though the Jews seem to be dead, They never really are."

A brief description of the origins of some, though not all, of modern day Jewry, deriving from Italy, of all places. Read also here, Mussolini's comment on how this "condition" of Jewry is absolutely true, regardless of what we see or are told by or about "the Jews." Sage advice, for some people; forget the others.

The Strange Case of "Murder, Inc."

(With several demonstrative images of their Business Practices)

     If we learn and remember only from what we are shown by the Entertainment Industry and pulp fiction, we would believe that “the Mafia,” or, the brotherhood, as an organized criminal group from "New York and Chicago," was comprised only of “Italians.” This has been the common impulse put upon us all the time. And yet, the average Italian had then, and has now, nothing to do with that “Mafia.” It is part of the cleverness and genius of their supposed "race," that almost all Organized Crime leaders and their minions were and are Jewish; and that some of Jewry can walk amongst us and not be known as either "Jews" or as "Mafia." The name "Murder Inc." is a rather romantic moniker, as in a mystery-novel with tough guys and tougher jaws; but it is more of a journalistic license, considering that near the end of The (Liquor) Prohibition in the early 1930s, these previously competitive yet loosely co-operative gangsters actually decided to call themselves "The Combination." We ordinary people have probably never heard of it, nor that they invaded honest businesses and labor unions. We know but we don't know. So what's new? The Boss?


Yiddish in the American Law Courts

(Yale Law Journal, November, 1993, pp. 463-467)

     Lawsuit Shmawsuit. The Reader may find, in the Fortune Magazine of February, 1936, where a lengthy article was published, titled "Jews in America," describing the presence and effects of Jews. It was said there that the "Christian" attorneys, or more likely, the Caucasian, were complaining of the difficult times they were having with the newly arriving and ever-enlarging numbers of Jewish attorneys, because the Jews were so hostile, combative, and nasty, etc. It said it was the Christian's fault, since they did not do enough to keep them out, or something like that; and that, the Christians would have to become like Jews if they wanted to get anywhere in the courts.

     In the old days, the Courts were comprised usually of "gentlemen attorneys," and they were respectful of the rules and such; an occasional renegade, but mostly a Good Old Boys haven, where one knew their place. Then, came the Jews, in their usual manner, promising This & That, and then doing the opposite. Could not be trusted at all. And yet, if "we" did that to them, they would cry and run to the judge. If "we" did not comply with their cheating ways, the same: they would cry and run probably faster to the judge. Either way..., here, in a few pages, is how the language of Jewry has inserted itself into the American legal lexicon. Remember to read the footnotes, for in them often is found more than the article itself.


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